July 05, 2022 2 min read

Protecting the appearance of skin helps to sustain the health and integrity of its barriers and prevent blemishes. As a natural part of the skin cycle, where new skin cells are developed and top layers are shed, mature, dead skin cells are replaced by recently formed ones. This process regulates your body temperature and protects you from infections and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 

The rate at which skin cells begin flaking off depends on age, stress levels, hormones, and any type of skin condition(s). On average, the entire skin cycle process can vary from three to five weeks. As people get older, the amount of time it takes for the skin to produce new skin cells increases. Exfoliation aids in skin cell growth and rejuvenation. Without proper exfoliation, build up can occur and you can begin to develop wrinkles. Skin maintenance is also an important step in establishing new, healthy skin. 

The three layers of the skin all contribute to skin cycle shedding. The outermost layer, named the epidermis, is the thinnest but most protective. Dead skin cells are visible most in the first layer. The dermis is the middle or second layer that has nerve endings that allow people to feel pain. While pushing skin cell waste to the top layer, the dermis’s blood vessels are carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. The third layer, the hypodermis, forms new skin cells and provides insulation through subcutaneous (fatty) tissue, which can cause sagging. 

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