June 29, 2022 2 min read

High frequency therapy is a tool used in facial services to improve the tone, dexterity, and texture of skin. By increasing oxygen to the skin, the treatment improves collagen stimulation and elastin production. In addition to the promotion of lymphatic drainage, high frequency helps to treat acne problems and give the skin a firmer, youthful glow. 

Several benefits of using high frequency are:

  • Visible Acne Improvement
  • Softening of Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Facial Sagging
  • Dark Circle & Under Eye Puffiness Reduction
  • Decrease in Pore and Blackhead Size 
  • Effective Cellulite Shrinkage
  • Stimulation of Healthy Hair Regrowth

As an essential skin rejuvenating treatment, Skin Specialists incorporate this tool into their services for extended skin care product penetration and cell renewal. High frequency treatments involve an electrical current that improves blood circulation while removing toxins and exfoliating dead skin cells. Since the tool produces heat, the thermal aspect promotes subtle tissue warming which speeds up the rate of oscillation to enhance skin toning. 

In using high frequency, professionals are able to remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, proving to be more effective than some acne medications.This holistic treatment alternative to laser resurfacing, plastic surgery, botox injections, and other invasive skin procedures is an effective resurfacing practice that produces visible results with continuous use. 

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