About Acne Distance Program

Our Acne Distance Program is for those who do not live in the area and want to get rid of acne. You will get personalized coaching as if you were coming into the clinic without the in-office visits via internet.



Fill out and submit the online Acne Skin Questionnaire ($125) and upload photos of your skin in the questionnaire. Once we receive your order and questionnaire with photos, we will contact you to make your appointment and process your serum test kit. Your test kit will include 3 serum samples for you to test for sensitivity and paperwork containing information regarding Acne.

Acne consult will include phone / FaceTime and or Skype session.



Once you provide us payment information your serum kit will then be mailed to you with instructions on how to use it and you would then report back the results (per instructions) via email.



After we get your serum results, review your questionnaire and photos we will then design your personal home care program. We will send you an email of the recommended products with cost and upon your approval and payment we will ship your initial products with instructions on how to use them. Your initial products will cost approx. $165 give or take (plus shipping and sales tax). It is a requirement that you use our products and ONLY our products while on the program. We cannot continue ongoing consultations unless you are using our products.



Once you receive your products, we need to hear from you every 2 weeks.


It is your RESPONSIBILITY to submit the 2 Week Follow-Up Form and your photos every 2 weeks.

We will send you an email with instruction as to what you will be doing for the next 2 weeks

Any questions you may have regarding your products, skin condition and or routine please email us.


If needed or requested FaceTime and/or Skype sessions will be $30 for a 15-minute session.


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