May 22, 2022 2 min read

Hints to smoother shaving and protecting your skin:

  1. Never dry shave! Hair follicles should be softened by using lukewarm water or pre-shave cream or soap to prep your skin for a smoother shave. Our Ultra Gentle Cleanser is a great pre-shave product.
  2. Remember to exfoliate! Prepping the skin with a pre-shave cream or soap allows for a cleaner exfoliation with a loofah or bath scrub, removing any dead skin cells.
  3. Try not to rush the process! By shaving slower, you’ll be able to get more hairs at one time with slow short strokes that overlap each other.
  4. Be aware of the direction of your hair growth! Shaving the grain, or over the same area multiple times to try and get a closer shave, can irritate your skin or even cut it. Shaving with the grain produces the smoothest results.
  5. Avoid using multiple blade razors or rotary shavers! Because “close shaving” razors can cut the hair beneath the surface of your skin and rotary shavers cut hair in various directions, it can create unwanted ingrown hairs.
  6. Rinse with warm and cold water! Using luke-warm water to open your pores gets any leftover dirt and debris off the skin, then using cold water to rinse closes the pores.
  7. Don’t forget about moisture! After drying off, immediately add moisturizer to hydrate the skin and prevent flakiness.
  8. Replace razors often! Build up occurs on razor blades over time and develops bacteria that could get into your body if you accidentally cut yourself shaving. . 


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