April 12, 2022 2 min read

Do supplements help with or worsen acne?

With the help of vitamins and minerals, there's additional opportunities to aid in healing your skin. Anti-inflammatory supplements can be useful, but be sure to always read the label. Based on your Acne Consultation with a Blended Skin Professional Esthetician, you’ll have a personal, one on one session to go over your skin and overall health goals. In consulting with an Acne Specialist, they will review the beneficial supplements helpful in clearing your acne. 

To maintain a well-balanced, low-glycemic diet to support overall skin and body wellness, several supplements could be considered. There are a couple probiotic strains that can really benefit acne and restore the surface of the skin. Probiotics are a form of “good” bacteria that find themselves in the digestive tract and skin. By pushing out “bad” bacteria that could cause diseases, it corrects the frequency of breakout occurrences. 

In addition to the specs you’ll get into with your Acne Specialist, it’s proven that Vitamin E, an oil supplement, can improve your immune system, heart, brain and joints. What does Vitamin E have to do with acne? Omega-3 fatty acids may help with the regulation of hormones, while minimizing the intensity and duration of inflammatory breakouts. To hear more about key supplement tips like why you should be looking for capsules that have an enteric coating, schedule an appointment with us! 

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