April 14, 2022 2 min read

All skin care is not the same.

If you’re acne prone, it’s critical to be picky about your skin care. Many products contain pore clogging ingredients that you need to avoid. Not only is it associated with skin care but acne care, makeup, and hair products. Labels can be deceiving, so be sure to always read the ingredients in products before putting anything on your skin or hair. Sometimes even bottles that say “Non-Comedogenic” contain ingredients that can clog pores. 

It’s fun to follow a trend, but just because it works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Because of its comedogenic properties, coconut oil or cocoa butter, natural oils popularly used in “organic” skin care lines, can be the worst offenders of acne. Similarly, fragrance and alcohol could significantly affect the quality of your skin. 

When it comes to makeup, it might be upsetting to find out the makeup you’ve loved forever has pore clogging ingredients. Products that contain soil minerals are not recommended as a safe choice for acne prone individuals. Our Acne Specialists at Blended Skin advise sticking to a loose powder foundation, but should still be checked as with pressed or liquid products. Connect with our team for a comprehensive list of pore clogging ingredients in skin care!

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